Featured Facility: Primal MMA

Featured Facility: Primal MMA

Featured Facility: Primal MMA

Voted The Best Gym in Leslieville / Riverdale (Blog TO), Primal MMA Academy is a 2 level, 8000 sq ft. BJJ / MMA / Muay-Thai / Boxing, and strength & conditioning gym. They are the one and only true MMA gym, and the best martial arts gym in East Toronto.

They offer classes in BJJ, Mixed Martial Arts, Muay-Thai, Kickboxing, Boxing, Russian Sambo, Self-Defence, Strength Training as well as Private Instruction and Personal Training. Primal MMA has a community focus and aims to build a team of like-minded and devoted athletes and martial arts practitioners. They cater to people of all abilities and fitness levels with the focus being on hard work and a striving for consistent progression.

Primal MMA’s programs are designed for beginners as well as advanced fighters. Overall, their academy is very beginner friendly. They believe in smaller classes, where every student is given the attention required to learn properly.

Primal MMA offers a no strings-attached FREE Trial - so don’t wait. Go check them out today!

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