Kaitlin Tse

Quick Info

Home Town
Toronto, ON
Harvard University, Canada U-18, National Development Program U-22
Favorite Motivational Workout Track
HONNE - Good Together
Weapon of Choice (Hockey Stick)
Bauer Nexus
Favorite Power Snack/Meal
Snack: Banana and PB. Meal: Chicken breast, pasta with tomato sauce, and grilled veggies.

Who do you look to as an inspiration and who is your favourite athlete all-time, either past or present, and why?

My family – Dad, Mom, Matthew, and Colin - is my biggest inspiration because through thick and thin they’re always there to support me. My favorite athlete of all time would be Jen Botterill. Jen played at Harvard and was a 4x Olympian herself. I look up to her professionalism, work ethic, and leadership.

You play for Harvard, a school that is known for both its sports and top notch academics. Tell us your school and team responsibilities and find time for a social life?

My responsibilities for school and athletics are the same: be on time, be respectful, be positive, do my very best, and make those around you better. I think if you take that approach to anything you’ll be successful.

With regards to social life, I’ve made an effort to make a diverse range of friends through my concentration studies who are not all athletes. I love it that way. It’s good to have break form athletics– it provides me a balance. But, at Harvard there’s always time for fun!

You have a twin brother, Colin, who is a photographer. Who is actually older, and more importantly who would win in a game of 1 on 1 basketball?

Colin would win. He might not look mighty and strong, but he’s deceiving. He’s always got tricks up his sleeve!

What is the toughest challenge you’ve faced in your athletic career/ life. How did you overcome it?

Setbacks I have faced during my athletic career have been due to injury. In the past, I’ve missed opportunities to play Canada and compete in big games with Harvard. Although it’s never is an ideal case, especially after the work that is made in preparation, you grow from it; you have to look at the situation as a learning experience. It’s always a part of the process.

What achievement in your career are you most proud of thus far? What goal are you striving for and do you hope to achieve in the next five years?

Although I can’t say that one achievement is better than the other because they all have their own story, I am very proud of being able to play for Canada and Harvard. Those are goals that I have worked towards ever since I was a little kid.

Current goals of mine are to continue playing for Canada and being a part of as many championships with Harvard. In five years, I hope to have finished coming off of an Olympic cycle with Team Canada. I also have goals to return back to Harvard to get a Master’s Degree in Architecture or Urban Design.