Kiian Knight

Quick Info

Height / Weight
5'10", 165lbs
Toronto, ON
Undisputed MMA, Primal MMA, JBKB
Favorite Motivational Walkout Track
Anything by Biggie
Favorite Combination
Jab, Cross, Liver Shot
Favorite Power Snack/Meal

When did you start training in Martial Arts and Kickboxing? When did you know you were going to make a career of it?

I grew up watching my father training professionally, so have been exposed to it my whole life. I feel it is something I am passionate about and involved in daily, making money from teaching it is just an added bonus.

You coach as well as fight. Trainers / coaches often speak of burning out mentally(and sometimes physically), having to act as a motivator/teacher/ inspiration for others all day. How do you stay motivated and energized in your own conditioning and fight training after a long day of coaching?

For sure, it can be draining at times, however I get joy out of teaching and It doesn’t feel like work. Coaching allows me to break down/pickup little details that help my training as a fighter. Training myself is a pastime I enjoy so it helps keep a clear mind.

Fighters have to eat clean to perform at their best and make weight before a fight, but many have a favourite post fight celebration meal. What’s your cheat meal post fight to reward yourself?

Any kind of pasta.

You’re sent back in time and need to fight one of the following martial artists in an MMA match: Jean Claude Van Damme, Steven Seagal, Bruce Lee or Chuck Norris. Who do you think would be the toughest fight and why?

Chuck Norris would be the toughest. I heard there are giraffes because Chuck Norris uppercutted a horse.

What’s the toughest fight you’ve had in the ring or the toughest obstacle you’ve had to overcome in your career. How did you overcome it?

Toughest obstacle would have to be an injury that caused a set-back in competing and training. I was left with a fear of having the same injury reoccur. It’s a struggle to mentally overcome certain injuries, however the act of worrying about the future will only hold you back from what’s lying in front of you.

What is the highlight of / best moment / best achievement of your fight career thus far? What are you striving for and do you hope to achieve in the next five years?

Every training camp and fight brings new experiences and lessons along the way. Every fight has provided a new understanding of the game shaping the athlete I am today. I have always had dreams of turning pro so maybe one day I can focus on that. For now, I’m just trying to gain as much experience as possible.